Hadi Group

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About Hadi Group of Indrusties

Hadi Group Started it’s journey in 2014 through Hadi Flour Mills for the first flour proocessing Company, Which has Slogan? For the people, For the Country Health Protect”.

The first goal of Hadi Group’s entry into the food processig company was to deliver good quality flour at low cost to fhe people. So we setup a 120 M.T Flour Mill of Switzerland teehnology.In December 2019, we again set upanother flour mill with a capacity of 200 Tons in Gazipur.Hadi Group also set up multi consumer products factory.The company has successfully presented the markets of fast moving consumer products goods(FMCG) in the country.

The superior quality of it’s finished products,compliance of international health standards and food grade & eco friendly packaging facility has placed entry as the holders of lion market share.Procurement of best quality grains, random check all stages of the production process,laboratory analysis and subsequent and instant remedical arrangement are usually taken up for quality assurance of the products.We ensure quality distributors and adopt smooth operations of distribution channel all over the country.